2017 Hut Sheets

The 2017 Hut Sheets are now available here, please complete and return to me by the NOVEMBER COACH MEET at the very latest. Draw results will be available on the December meet.

Please note that hut fees are required to reserve your space FIVE WEEKS before the hut itself. This is to allow processing of the reserve list should this been required.

John Wilmot

Interesting times indeed what with the referendum and all. As you my be aware we had a nasty accident on our last trip in June involving Adrian Chew from the Burnley coach dislocating and breaking his shoulder. And he is under going surgery as I write this article. His friend Stuart Jaques who was involved with the accident and accompanied Adrian to The Royal Lancaster hospital is also undergoing surgery for a knee replacement. There have been complications with both treatments and we wish them both a speady recovery. And can I give a big thanks to everybody involved with Adrian’s rescue and also a big thank you to the ever superb Mountain Rescue organisation. With the above in mind I’ve asked that the questionnaire be included again in the newsletter so that contact details can be added. We have 30 plus members with no up-to-date contact details available. Stuart Jaques informed me of the difficulties involved in contacting the rescue services with various mobile phones so I have asked him to write a brief account of the incident to be included elsewhere in this or a future newsletter. Anyway let’s hope on this trip that the Scottish people haven’t rebuilt the wall to keep us Britex’s sorry British, sorry English out.

Frank Pollard