Hut Weekends


Our ever-popular hut weekends allow members to enjoy extended breaks in the outdoors. We run between 8 and 10 hut weekends each year in a variety of locations including the Lake District, North Wales, the North Yorkshire Moors and beyond. Prices vary depending on the overall cost of the hut and the numbers attending, but they range roughly between £6 and £12 per person per night.



High House Hut, Borrowdale

Attendance on Hut Weekends is usually chosen at the end of the previous year by members filling in an annual hut sheets. If a hut is oversubscribed names are drawn using your preferences and those missing out added to the waiting list, which more often than not comes into play.


With every hut there are always cancellations and quite often spaces available, even if originally full, so it’s always worth checking if there is availability in the weeks leading up to the weekend. All huts are booked through our Hut Secretary, Beverley Walker..


Please note that hut fees are due 5 weeks before the date of the hut. This is to ensure that if anyone is not attending, their space can go to other members on the waiting list for the hut. This takes time to arrange and organise and members not paying, then not going, is unfair to other members who have then made other plans.


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