1. The name of the club shall be known as “The Burnley Mountaineering and Fell-Walking Club”.
The Club is a not-for-profit organisation and if it was to cease to exist, any remaining assets after settlement of debts and liabilities shall be donated to another not-for-profit organisation with similar interests.
2. Membership shall be open (no restriction on age) on payment of the annual subscription to be determined at the Annual General Meeting of the Club. Persons under the age of 16 years must have parental consent and be accompanied on the meets by an adult member.
3. The affairs of the club shall be in the hands of the committee which shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club.
4. The financial year shall be a calendar year commencing 1st January and the Annual General Meeting shall be held within 3 months of the financial year end and shall be open to all members of the club.
5. The committee of the club shall be composed of; Hon Chairman, Hon Vice Chairman, Hon Secretary (& Press Sec.) Hon Treasurer, Hon Membership/Bookings Secretary,Hon Librarian,Hon Social Secretary, Hon Hut Secretary, Hon Merchandiser and one other committee member elected by members at the AGM.
6. Four members of the committee shall constitute a quorum. The committee shall have the power to co-opt further members in the event of there being any resignations from their body.
7. On receipt of a written request from 5% of the members of the club, the secretary shall be obliged to convene a special or extra ordinary general meeting of the club.
8. Any proposal to alter or revise any part of the constitution of the club must be submitted in writing 2 weeks prior to the A.G.M.
9. Prospective members of the club must attend one coach meet and be proposed by a club member. All members should ensure that they have suitable equipment and clothing for the walks.
10. A coach trip will be organised, ONE each month, by the committee:
a) An official of the club shall be responsible for the general organisation of the meet.
b) Unless the fare is received, by the Bookings Secretary, one week prior to the meet, a seat on the coach will not be guaranteed.
c) Any person who books prior to the meet will be liable to the fare of that meet.
d) The fare will not be transferred to a subsequent meet if, a cancellation is made in the week prior to the meet.
11. All members shall be entitled to use the library. The following rules shall be observed:
a) Books shall not be retained for more than one month.
b) Books not returned in the state they were loaned will be charged for, this will apply to books that have been lost.
12. During the winter social events will be arranged by the committee
13. An annual dinner shall be held in the autumn or winter of each year
14. The committee shall have the power to deal with any misbehaviour by members on organised meets.
15. A route log book shall be kept on each coach. Members should enter details of their route.


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