Club Name

At the AGM on the 20th March the membership voted, by a large majority, in favour of changing the name of our club to “Burnley Mountaineering and Fellwalking Club”. This is arguably the most significant change in the identity of the club since our foundation in 1952 and whilst our origin and provenance remain firmly rooted in rock climbing and mountaineering, the committee feel that this name change more appropriately reflects our current activities and will serve the club better in attracting new members. Over the coming weeks our public presence, branding and collateral will slowly change to reflect this new name, which should hopefully serve us just as well for the next 65 years.

Conversationally we’ll still call ourselves Burnley Mountaineering, Burnley Mountaineers or even BMC, for some time and our website, email address and chequing name also remain unchanged – for the time being. We’ll no doubt need a new logo and we’ll be having some special events later in the year to recognise this exciting new chapter in our history, so keep an eye on this website or our Facebook page for details.

Antony Lord

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